A. Nwaogu Okoye Asa, 


I am from Nigeria, a mother of three, a business woman and it is great to be in your midst.

T. Peterson, Maryland

This definitely blessed my entire mind, body and soul...for real!!!

J. Conture, Delaware

No more lower back pains in the morning. (Stretch & Release participant)

L. Pitts, Delaware

What a wonderful way to stay connected with my fitness friends and do the ZOOM sessions with Move and Inspire. I did Hip Hop Step and loved the sets of songs and non stop movement! I'll be there next week! Thanks Deneen I love the presentation and music selection!!!

S. Evans-Brown, Delaware

I love this. I added to my yoga meditation.

D. Peverero, Italy

Ohohohoho Thanks for this time together! You rock! Such an inspiration!!!

T. Heyward, Delaware

I just finished my Stretch and Release. I'm committed to do it anytime of the day. And I did it with my 13yr old. She loved it. Bonding Moment. Thx Deneen Speaks!

This is where I come to Stretch, Release, Relax and Unwind!

D. Roane, Delaware

Nothing short of amazing!! Thank you Deneen!!


D. Si, Pennsylvania

It's hard not to have fun watching your videos. Your personality is so engaging.

C. Lang, Maryland

Yass, hunty! Who would have thought at the age of 60 I would be getting my sexy dance on! And my mantra for today was "You are a magnet for miracles!" Deneen is making a believer out of me!

T. Wilson, Delaware

I needed that core workout...phew...since softball is shut down girllll I'm heavy! Lol. Good workout! Thanks!!!

C. Babie, New York

You are amazing. Thank you for taking the time out to motivate others!

V. Griffith, Pennsylvania

I'm sweating, great workout...physically and mentally!

You have brought me peace within. Thank you!

H. Williams, Pennsylvania

People need to give you time at least once a day as this dance exercise is so beneficial and people need to do it to understand and know.

I've been praying for God to help me do what I know, yet needed motivation to do and He sent me YOU!

S. Anderson-Heyward, Delaware

Hi Deneen, can I invite a few ladies? I feel that you along with the dancing, getting exercise, your words and positive vibe can be a ray of sunshine to them.

L. Cargle Sims, Alabama

Ahhh! Just engaged the video and I feel energized! Preparing for the Big Leap...THANK YOU!