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Thank you for your generousity!!!

During the season of thanks Move and Inspire wants to take a moment to share our gratitude. We are tremendously grateful for every opportunity to be of service to the mental health communities.

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Without question the past 2 years have presented challenges that left many of us wondering if getting back to a sense of normalcy would ever be a possibility.  The mental, emotional and unfortunate physical weight of worry came without notice and changed how we live our daily lives.


At the start of the world pandemic we launched a virtual program called Stretch & Release. The concept was created with concern for for the mental health of people all around the world that did not possess the capacity to withstand stress, change or confinement. It was scary to think that family, whom rarely get to spend time with one another due to work, school and other obligations, were now forced to 'stay in place' for a unknown amount of time with people that they loved, but probably didn't know. Through this initiative we were able to join together with women from countries all around the world. We met virtually for 20 minutes every morning to share, release and inspire one another to find new strength to keep pushing forward.


From this initiative we have been fortunate to receive continuous opportunities to work with people who have mental and behavioral health issues throughout the state of Delaware.  The Move and Inspire community is growing and we are excited about the potential to expose more people to our unique tools and strategies using kinetic movement.


We are appreciative for any help you can provide to help us continue this very important work.

In Unity,

Deneen Sutton